Top 5 Odor Proof Bags Backpacking

Top 5 Odor Proof Bags Backpacking

Who doesn’t like to wear a shirt that smells like smoke salmon?  Sarcasm aside, this happened to me a couple years ago while backpacking with some family.  It was my fault, I had opened up a bag of smoked salmon, then resealed it.  Unfortunately a standard sandwich bag is not built to withstand the beautiful intoxication of smoked salmon, so by the end of the day every thing in my backpack smell like smoked salmon, including the backpack. What I needed were some odor proof bags backpacking and camping.

It’s not just food smells, if you plan on backpacking for more than a couple of days its inevitable that you will start acquiring some pretty rank clothing (socks, shirts…) and you don’t want to stink up everything else in your backpack.  I have been around some pretty smelly socks in the past, where even the strongest garbage bag would barely slow down the odor leak.

Thankfully there are some real practical solutions for these odor problems when backpacking.  This article will cover the top five solutions to make sure the stink stays contained.


Stink Sack Smell Proof Storage Bags

 Stick Sack was created in 2009 and has since become one of the industry leaders in producing odor proof bags.  They excel at creating smell proof bags and child resistant bags for cannabis dispensaries.

Each one of these bags measures in at about 7″ by 7″ which makes them a perfect size for backpacking.  They are very durable and puncture resistant.  You can wash and then re-use these bags if you need to.  You get three bags per pack.  They are ideal for toiletries, dirty laundry, perfume products, snacks, traveling and all around general waste.  They bags make a great addition to any camping or backpacking trip.


  • 3 bags in each pack
  • Re-usable
  • Washable
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Moister, sand, dirt proof


  • Not 100% odor proof (according to some accounts)


Smelly Proof Bags

For the smaller jobs, these smelly proof bags work well. Smelly Proof is a company that specializes in creating odor proof bags since 2000.  They are very committed to what they do, as can be seen by the quality of their products.

Each of these bags measure in at about 6″ by 4″ which keeps them manageable in your backpack. Additional sizes are available (medium and large).  Each pack has 10 small bags.  They are made with a high-grade medical material approved by the FDA and USDA to keep the smells in.  They are strong, hard to puncture and moisture resistant.


  • Highly durable and puncture resistant
  • Created using USDA and FDA approved medical grade materials
  • Plastic zipper to seal the bags
  • Small enough to fit into various backpack pockets


  • Not 100% odor proof in some cases
  • Some reports of the zipper breaking after 7-10 uses


BaseCamp Odor-Barrier Bags

For those bigger odor reducing jobs, these x-large bags are perfect and easy to store.  They could double as campground garbage bags, but they would also be idea for dirty clothes.  You can store food, toiletries, dirty clothes, smelly shoes and garbage safely and securely.  Each pack comes with five bags.  Each bag is 27″ by 24.5″.

They work very well to keep your food smell in and the bears out.   They have been tested to be 100% odor resistant and should do well to keep the bears away.  If you do plan on using these while camping it’s still advisable to take precautions keeping this away from your camp or hanging in a tree.  They are extremely heavy-duty and tear resistant, reusable and safe for the environment.  This product currently holds a 5 star rating, one of the highest you can achieve.


  • 100% odor proof
  • Bear tested
  • Re-usable
  • Safe for the environment
  • Heavy duty & tear resistant
  • 5 bags per pack


  • No cons!  Seriously, unless we nit pick, we could not find anything wrong with these bags.  They do exactly what they were designed to do.


Loksak Opsak Barrier Protective Bags

 Loksak Opsak odor proof bags are hard to find in stock when you need them and for good reason.  Loksak is headquartered out of Naples, FL and specializes in creating storage bags and carrying cases.  In 2006 they were able to make their storage bags impenetrable to odors and since has been an industry leader in odor proof bags.

This odor proof barrier bag comes in three different sizes, this one is 12″ by 20″.  They are suitable for both the kitchen and out in the woods.   Each bag is resealable.  They have been tested and approved by the US Navy Experimental Diving Unit.  They are strong, and puncture resistant with a tinsel strength of 3,720 pounds per square inch.


  • Quality in strength!
  • One of the strongest bags we found on our list
  • Three different sizes to choose from
  • Numerous field tests
  • Approved for the safe storing of food by the FDA and NSA


  • Some reports of wear and tear after a week of hiking


Stink Sack 1-Gallon Smell Proof Storage Bags **

This stink sack can hold up to 1 gallon of pure foul and you wouldn’t even know it.  Rated with 5 stars and well worth every one.  If there is such as a thing as an art to producing odor proof bags, Stink Sack has perfected it.

This bag is odor proof (not sure if its 100%).  Its durable construction lets you focus on the hike and less about rips or tears in the bag.  You can re-wash and re-use these bags.  They are also moister resistant.  They use a plastic sealing system to keep the bag closed. The bag dimensions are 10.5″ by 10.75″.  This is our top pick for this list.


  • Moister resistant
  • 1 Gallon
  • Odor proof
  • Highly durable
  • Can be washed and reused


  • Seal can be hard to close


The next time you decide to go on an adventure, make sure you bring along some odor proof bags backpacking and camping.  Out of all the products we looked at, our favorite has to be the BaseCamp odor proof bags.  They were small enough to fit in our backpacks, and large enough to handle most any job.  It also helps that we could tie them up into a tree if need be.