Top 5 Mouse Proof Food Storage Containers

Top 5 Mouse Proof Food Storage Containers

Most people remember the first house/apartment they lived in when they were first married, usually with good memories.  Those first couple years you’re learning about each other and also learning how to live.  Gaining those all-important life skills, most which are acquired through mistakes and failures.  We learned the hard way why it is so important to have mouse proof food storage containers.

I was in the Navy for the first eight years of our marriage, much of that being spent out at sea.  We didn’t have any kids at the time and the only pets the apartment allowed were small birds.  We ended up with two small parakeets.  All was fine for the first year, but then we started noticing mouse droppings everywhere.  It was not until one night while sitting on the couch, a mouse ran right up to my wife’s shoulder and sat there staring at us, and we knew we had a problem.

We started moving all our furniture around and were immediately disgusted to find mounds of mouse droppings under every piece of furniture and a couple ‘mouse’ nests.  So we investigated and found that the mice had found their way in through a hole in one of our closets, attracted by the bags of bird seed.  Some bags were noticeably chewed through.  We knew we had to find some good mouse proof storage solutions.


OXO Good Grips Pop Containers Set **

This 10 piece food storage set is perfect to not only keep mice out, but also ants and cockroaches.  OXO is based out of New York City and was founded in 1990.  They currently manufacture kitchen utensils, office supplies and house wares.  Their products always have one unique feature that sets them apart from the rest in the industry. For this set it’s the “Pop” feature which provide a unique air tight seal with a push of a button.

There are 10 pieces in this set, all designed to stack on one another for optimal storage space.  They are made of BPA free plastic.  Suitable for pastas, grains, sugars and general dry foods.  This is our top pick of the list and can also be seen as our feature image!


  • BPA free plastic
  • Air tight seal
  • Stacks
  • 10 Piece set
  • Unique ‘Pop’ feature


  • Cannot use in the microwave or dishwasher
  • Not shatter proof
  • Made in China


Biokips Cereal Container Airtight Cereal Keeper

These air tight containers are more specifically built to hold cereals, but you could also use them for pastas, sugar, flour, beans, nuts, coffee, teas and grains.  They are made of hard plastic, 100% BPA free.  The lid has four main latches that are pulled down to create a 100% air and water tight seal.

The container is safe for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher (top rack only).  It measures in at about 9.7″ x 4.6″ x 9.6″.  They can hold about 2 lbs or a 32 oz bag of dry foods. Currently holding 4.5 stars on Amazon this is another great solution to help keep the pests out.


  • BPA free plastic
  • 100% air tight seal
  • Perfect for every-day use dry goods
  • Fits a regular size box of cereal
  • 2 containers per pack


  • Not designed to stack
  • Made in South Korea


IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Changing gears a bit, if you’re looking for a pet food container to keep out the pests and mice, these IRIS airtight containers are perfect. IRIS is a leading manufacturer of high quality storage products introduced in 1994.  They excel at crating storage and organizational products for the home office, kitchen, pets and more.

This is a 45-47 quarts container.  That is about 37 lbs of dog food, 32 lbs of cat food or 56 lbs of bird seed.  The most unique feature of this item is that it can roll around on wheels, which makes moving it in and out of the storage area simple.  Latches are not child proof.  Overall a great solution for a mouse proof food storage container.


  • Comes with wheels
  • Air tight
  • Durable enough to keep outside and the critters out
  • BPA free


  • No scoop included


IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit

Another IRIS pet food container, this is actually a combo kit.  There are two containers, one large and one small.  The smaller container can stack on top of the bigger container and hold up to 10 lbs.  The bottom container also has rollers like the model above and can hold up to 25 lbs of food.  Both are made of BPA free materials.  A food scoop also comes with this kit.

There are several different colors to choose from. If you had a dog you could keep dog food in the bottom container and maybe put doggy treats in the top container.  Plastic is very durable and not easily scratched.  Great to keep out in the garage and not having to worry about mice and other bugs getting into it.  Lid locks closed for an air tight seal which helps keep out the critters (and smells).

This is currently a best seller on Amazon with 4.6 stars.


  • BPA free
  • Air tight lids
  • Plastic is durable
  • Two containers and a Scoop
  • Several different color options
  • Large bin has wheels


  • Reports of the lids not 100% air tight and coming lose if moved around


Airtight Food Container With Handle

Moving back into the dry food arena, this set of food containers are built of durable plastic to help keep those pesky critters away.  The lids have a gasket and latch down on four sides to produce a 100% air tight and leak proof seal. These containers are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.  You could also use them to store food in the freezer or even microwave (if you had a big enough microwave).

There are two containers for this pack.  Each container can hold about 29 cups worth of dry food.  The containers are engineered with a modular design and are built to stack.  They also come with a handle for easy transportation (a unique feature from most food storage containers).


  • Made in the USA
  • Carrying handle
  • 100% air tight and leak proof
  • 2 containers in this pack


  • Lid can be difficult to latch down if its not on just right


After my wife and I wised up and started putting our bird seed into mouse proof food storage containers the mice problem started going away.  And just to be safe we started storing all our cereals, grains, sugars and other dry goods in mice and ant proof food storage containers.  It’s been 15 years since then and we have not had any other mice issues in the house.