How To Keep Food Hot For Lunch

How To Keep Food Hot For Lunch

Is there anything worse than eating a cold lunch on a cold day?  I’m not talking about sandwiches, but soups and maybe last night’s lasagna.  My work does not have a microwave, so the only way to keep lunch hot for hours is to heat it before I leave the house and hopefully it’s still warm by lunch.  That means I need some way to store my lunch without it getting cold.  The good news is there are several different options on how to keep food hot for lunch or throughout the day (if you’re a late lunch taker).

Some of these solutions are creative and cheap, while others will cost some money but will be more efficient in the long run.  If you have any other creative solutions that we did not list, let us know in the comments!

Without further ado, here are some fun, inventive and creative ways on how to keep food hot for lunch.


Wrap Your Lunch in Aluminum Foil

This seems to be an age old solution to keep food warm (at least I can remember my mother doing this for my lunches growing up).  Keep in mind this will only keep food warm for about 2 hours, then after that you need to start being conscious about bacterial growth which can lead to food poisoning.  Yum.

For a quick temporary solution or to augment your insulated lunch bag, wrapping your food in foil is a great way to keep your lunch hot and toasty.


Car Tricks to Keep Your Food Hot For Lunch

Unless you’re blessed enough to work from home you will most likely be commuting to work.  If you own your own car you can try these simple tricks to keep your food warm till lunch.

If you live in a warmer climate, keep your lunch on the dash of your car as you work.  The natural heat from the sun and build up in the car will keep you food nice and warm.

If you have a longer commute, another trick is to put your food on the ground, on the passenger side of the car and ensure the heat is turned up and focused at the feet.  This will blow hot air onto your lunch bag to help it stay warm.

As fascinating as it would be to try, I would not go as far as these guys did.


Pyrex Portable Heating Packs

If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, these heating packs are amazing augments to your insulated lunch bag.  Just pop them in the microwave before you leave the house, add them to your lunch box and they will help keep your lunch hot for hours.

What’s really cool about these is that once you get to work you can just re-heat these packs up again.  These are my personal favorites.  You can even reuse these to help keep your food cold in the summer.  Very versatile packs.


The Traditional Thermos :  Thermos King 40 Ounce

If you are more into soups or ‘liquidy’ types of lunch you can never go wrong with an old fashion thermos.  This particular thermos is produced by the company “Thermos” who are the industry leaders for beverage insulation technologies.

This thermos can keep your lunch hot up to 24 hours!  The lid can be used as a bowl and with 40 oz you have plenty of space for a big meal.  It’s built with 100% free BPA highly durable stainless steel materials.   You can pick one of these up for about $30, worth every penny.


Cheap Creative Ways on Keeping Your Lunch Warm

  • Paper bags only?  Try wrapping your lunch bag in an old blanket.  The insulation (and air pockets) in the wrapping of the blanket will help insulate and keep your food hot.
  • Keep your lunch bag off the ground.  Cold air sinks while hot air rises.  Even at your work place it will always be colder on the ground.  Trying putting your lunch on top of your desk.
  • When you get too work, set your lunch next to the heating vent.  Use common sense and never place it directly on top of something that will cause a fire.

I like to eat my lunch in my car, since it gives me some semblance of privacy and that a world exists outside of my job.  The problem with this is that where I live it gets real cold in the winter, so when I do head out to my car on a cold day I expect my lunch to be warm.  Knowing how to keep food hot for lunch on cold days is essential to my sanity.  This article covered several creative solutions that can help keep your lunch hot.