Is Gladware Dishwasher Safe

Is Gladware Dishwasher Safe

Is GladWare dishwasher safe?  That was the question I had to ask myself last Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving dinner just ended, were all stuffed, satisfied and ready for a nap except for one person, the host.  If you’re like me, all I could think about was the disaster of a kitchen that awaited my attention.  Most important was the insurmountable mountain of dishes that needed to be done.

With so many dishes you strategically start planning your attack.  Big pots and pans will almost always be hand washed, while the smaller containers will find a new life in the dishwasher.  The problem I ran into were some GladWare containers that the family had brought over, one plastic and the two other were glass containers.  Was GladWare dishwasher safe?   I had no clue at the time, since I didn’t have the original packaging how would I know?

After a little research I found the answer!

The good news is that GladWare food storage containers are safe for the microwave, freezer and YES the dishwasher. According to the Glad website, GladWare containers are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Here is the official screen shot we pulled from their site to prove it!


Dish Washing Dishware Precautions

Keep in mind that just because a container says it is dishwasher safe does not protect it from over stacking, the lack of common sense or from the high heat of some dish-washing settings.

One of the biggest complaints we see from people who have purchased a dishwasher safe item is that the item seems to be NOT dishwasher safe.  They find chips, cracks in the glass containers and even warped plastic containers or lids.

Even with containers labeled as dishwasher safe you will still want to take precautions and follow the manufactures directions!  Here are three precautions you can take to reduce your risk of having a dishwasher dish issue:

Precaution 1.  Do Not Over Stack

If you are a big family and usually have a lot of dirty dishes, it can be hard not to over stack.  I have been caught red handed doing this myself.

This involves layering dishes onto one another or in direct contact.  This can be disastrous for glass dishes.  While the dishwashing cycle is running, a lot of water force is being impressed upon your dishes, so naturally your dishes will wiggle, move back and forth.  If they are too close together, not only will they not clean properly, but you will get chipped, cracked or broken glass containers.

There is a right way and a wrong way to loading a dishwasher.

Precaution 2. Beware Of Knockoffs.

While we would LOVE to answer, is GladWare dishwasher safe with a resounding yes, we are still cautious.   We have noticed a rise in counterfeit food storage containers in the past few years, even a few carrying some very popular brand names.

With sites like, it is getting easier and easier for anyone to contact a distributor from China, create a product very similar to a popular brand and then resell it on Ebay or Amazon.   What happens next is pretty text book, people buy, and things break or melt and the complaints come rolling in.

Always ensure the food container you bought is not a cheap knock off, but is part of the original brand name or franchise.

Precaution 3.  Top Rack Only.

This one is more for plastic food containers.  Even if you own a glass food container, the lid will most likely still be a form of plastic.

The problem comes from the heat of the drying elements on the bottom of most dishwasher’s.  It is true we have never had a dishwasher safe plastic container or lid melt, BUT we have had them warp.  After a lid or container warps, it is almost useless to use on a food container.  That 100% air tight seal is gone, you get leaks and sometimes the lid may not fit at all anymore.


In this article we answered the question, is GladWare dishwasher safe?  The answer is YES, as long as it is in the top rack of the dishwasher.  Even so, like most other “dishwasher safe” plastic or glass food containers, it is still wise to take precautions.