The Best Ziploc Glass Storage Containers

The Best Ziploc Glass Storage Containers

The need for Ziploc glass storage containers is here to stay, the age of the Ziploc plastic bag is over.  At least in my house.

There is nothing wrong per say with the Ziploc bags, but it’s no secret with all the different environmental changes happening we as a society we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.  According to PrWeek, US consumers are making more environmentally conscious purchase decisions.  And in that consciousness, by one means or another, we are slowly adapting ways to help the environment, one of those way is focusing more on re-usability rather than one time throw away products.

When I was a child I didn’t think twice about throwing away my plastic sandwich baggy.  Now a days if we are using a Ziploc bag, it is usually washed and reused a couple of times before throwing away.  Not only does that save money, but it also helps the environment.

In our household the shift was gradual until one day we notice we were using more of the glass and plastic food containers over the plastic baggies.  And maybe because we have always used Ziploc brand things in our house we also subconsciously started converting all our food storage containers to Ziploc brands as well.  I mean, if it’s not broke why fix it?

Ziploc now produced by Johnson & Son was first introduced in 1964 under the company Flexigrip.  Through the years they made major innovation on the plastic bag storage industry, including the now famous sliding ‘zipper’ bags.  They have since evolved into selling food storage containers, both glass and plastic.

Enter the Ziploc VersaGlass containers.  These glass food storage containers have been built as an all in one kitchen storage solution.  The main selling point of these is that they can fulfill several different food storage container roles, all in one.   Store, Heat and Serve (see the main feature image at the top). Using glass in this way is something you can ONLY get away with having being built with tempered glass.

These glass containers can be used to store food in the refrigerator or freezer.  They are microwave safe.   You can then reheat them and use them as a main serving dish, saving lots of different dishes in the kitchen (something I am quite thankful for since my two hands are the main dishwasher in our house).

VersaGlass is a special kind of tempered glass that can take a lot of heat.  It is 50 times stronger than normal glass and can withstand up to 400 degrees.

There are several different sizes of VersaGlass containers, including variety packs.  Some of these include:

The lids are easy enough that my 9 year old can put on and take off.  These make a great addition to my kid’s lunch box.

The only drawback are also the lids.  They could be a little tight, it’s not 100% leak proof which is unfortunate.  But this short coming is nothing compared to the other benefits they provide.

There is a time and place for everything.  As a society were starting to depend more on the idea of re usability or sustainability instead of use and throw away.  Ziploc glass storage containers are here to stay.  In our house we have not totally given up on the Ziploc plastic bag, they work great for storing liquids.

My wife will put left over chili, soups or chicken broth in the Ziploc bag and store it in the freezer, much more convenient than the glass storage container.  But for everything else, we will be depending on the Ziploc glass storage containers.